Memorial Day Ribs

We've asked many military heroes how us average Americans can thank them best. Many respond by saying we should just continue living our lives here. It's an incredibly humble answer, but that's why they do it – to keep us safe and ensure our pursuit of happiness goes on uninterrupted. Not asking for anything in return.

For us, the pursuit of happiness reaches its pinnacle while gathered around the spark of the grill. A place where we enjoy the longtime Memorial Day tradition of cooking outdoors, talking to those you love the most, and celebrating American freedom in a way we can't any other place. This year, set some somber moments aside to reflect on the patriots who gave it all and how their sacrifice should affect how you live.

We want to make sure you create something special at your dinner table this year, so we have one of our favorite recipes below that will give you what you need to bring good people together.

We're talking about Black Gold honey-soaked ribs. Ever had coffee-rubbed ribs? Sounds crazy right? Trust us, there is nothing out there like this and you'll run out of ribs faster than you ever have before.

First, take a quality rack of ribs – our favorite is St. Louis style ribs. Before you add the dry rub, remove the membrane on the back. Coat the ribs liberally with Black Gold, then toss in the smoker. Ideal conditions are 225-250° for 3-4 hours. Pull them off, pour a fair amount of honey strips across the top, then wrap in foil. Toss them back on the smoker for another 2 hours. Since we hear this every time we make them, we guarantee these will be some of the best ribs you've ever made.