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Dead Rooster Co. is a family-owned small business operated by two brothers—Tyler and Jordan—who love to cook. It all started in 2012 when Jordan was spending July 4th weekend at a friend's farm. There was a long tradition of smoked meats out there, so we decided to try smoking some of his own with his buddies. Year one was an absolute success: our meat was absolutely demolished, while the guy who traditionally cooked packed up 20+ pounds of untouched meat. We knew we were onto something with the dry rubs at that point... people couldn't get enough of them.

Photo of group of people on July 4th

After that weekend, I wanted to learn everything I could about dry rubs. I spent the next year hosting weekly Family Dinners. Every week I'd experiment with new blends, gather feedback, take notes, and revise. This process led to a slew of killer rub recipes, including the three we sell on the site.

After I locked in on my favorite blends, I started giving them away to people at work. I couldn't keep up with the demand, so folks offered to pay me whatever I wanted to make more. I realized I had a product that people were trying to buy, but wasn't sure what to do with it yet.

I worked for the next year on ideas, knowing I needed a great logo, unique packaging, and a clean website. I setup all of this up and decided to do a test run: make 180 bags of rub and see if they'd sell. To do this, I created our Instagram accounts and HUSTLED, gaining 1,000 organic followers in two weeks. Once I hit 1,000 followers, I promoted a 7-day flash sale for those 180 units. I ended up selling out of all 180 and had to make more batches to cover the extra orders.

From there, I knew I wanted to keep the momentum going. So I built out more of the website and opened orders up full time. This continued for a couple years until Tyler approached me around 2015 to join operations as an owner. His expertise in optimizing and automating business brought a powerful skillset to the table, so it was a no-brainer to bring him on board as co-owner. As I continued to focus on marketing efforts, Tyler helped push us to Amazon Prime, built out our wholesale program, and automated many pieces of the fulfillment process. We have big plans for the future together and hope to one day expand our line!

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