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BBQ Brisket & Pork Belly Burnt Ends - How To Recipe

What are burnt ends? How do you make them? Mark the butcher breaks down how to cook bbq burnt ends with brisket and pork belly!
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How to Prepare and Smoke Beef Short Ribs

When most people think about barbecue ribs, they think pork baby backs or spare ribs. If you want to up your barbeque game, you have to try smoked beef short ribs.
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How to Spatchcock and Smoke a Whole Chicken

Mark the butcher gives us the full rundown on how to spatchcock and smoke chicken. If you haven't tried this method yet, it's a quick method for making the best smoked chicken!
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How to Buy, Trim, and Cook Ribs: Tips from the Butcher

Need help with how to prep ribs, how to smoke ribs, or which ones to buy? Look no further! Our inhouse butcher Mark Holzkopf breaks down everything you need to know about one of the best cuts of pork known to man.
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Brisket: Tips from the Butcher

Mark the butcher gives us a full overview of brisket: tips for buying then trimming and the full cooking and slicing process.
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Pork Shoulder: Tips from the Butcher

Our butcher gives you the full rundown on everything you need to know about pork shoulder. What is it, how to buy and store, how to prep, and how to smoke.
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Camping Cooking

Last weekend we loaded up an all-American crew and hit the upper Buffalo River to get back to nature, do some soul-searching, some cooking and some river swimming.
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Whole Hog BBQ

A couple of weeks ago, we headed back out to the farmland where Dead Rooster Co. began. We cooked our first North Carolina style whole hog and the results speak for themselves.
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Memorial Day Ribs

We've asked many military heroes how average Americans can thank them best. Many respond by saying we should just continue living our lives here. It's an incredibly humble answer, but that's why they do it – to keep us safe and ensure our pursuit of happiness goes on uninterrupted.
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