Redwood <br><sub>BBQ Rub</sub>


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Redwood is our classic barbecue rub that brings the magic of Kansas City barbecue to your back porch. This is a rich, peppery rub that is perfectly balanced between sweet and salty. You will be surprised how much savory barbecue flavor we pack into this blend.

Redwood is best used on smoked meats like pork shoulders, baby back ribs, and whole chickens. It is also phenomenal on roasted pork tenderloins and grilled chicken breasts. Pair with a homemade barbecue sauce to elevate the flavor!

Our proprietary blend includes only clean and delicious ingredients: brown sugar, salt, paprika, dehydrated garlic and onion, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, rice fiber.

Packages are 8oz by volume, 4.4oz by weight, and measure 4.75"x8".

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