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Variety Pack
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Buy all three packs and save $5! The Variety Pack includes each of our three signature dry rubs:

Black Gold is our most popular rub. Its unique flavor elevates every cut of meat to culinary perfection. We start with chocolatey coffee grounds and layer in garlic richness and hints of sweet and spicy. One taste and you’ll see how seriously addictive this stuff is. Black Gold makes the absolute finest grilled or pan-seared cuts of meat. It is also a competition award-winning rub perfect for smoked ribs, brisket, chicken thighs, and much more!

Old Timers is our original all-purpose rub that will become your favorite kitchen staple. We crafted a beautifully textured blend of savory herbs, subtle heat, and hints of citrus that is absolutely mouthwatering. The heavenly aroma is enough to get anyone hooked. Old Timers is quite versatile in the kitchen. We love to use it on sous-vide steaks, roasted vegetables, grilled pork chops, pan-seared salmon, and more!

Redwood is our classic barbecue rub that brings the magic of Kansas City barbecue to your back porch. This is a rich, peppery rub that is perfectly balanced between sweet and salty. You will be surprised how much savory barbecue flavor we pack into this blend. Redwood is best used on smoked meats like pork shoulders, baby back ribs, and whole chickens. It is also phenomenal on roasted pork tenderloins and grilled chicken breasts. Pair with a homemade barbecue sauce to elevate the flavor!

Packages measure 4.75" x 8".

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